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You can go to the Product tab, and select the desired Slursh blender you want to purchase. The product features, specifications, functionalities and Product Specific information is mentioned there.

You can use the following form of payment:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • UPI
  • Sezzle ( EMI Facility)
  • Cash on Delivery (on Selected Pincodes only)

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Yes, the moment you place an order, you will receive an email. In case you don’t receive an email immediately, do write to from the email id used at the time of purchasing the product.

You can go to the tab “Track Order”. You must enter the order ID received at the time of purchase and the registered email id. The status will be visible. In case there is any discrepancy, you may write to with the order details, we will revert to you within 12 hours.

We endeavour to ship all orders, placed on, within 4-5 business days to the customer. However there may be some unavoidable delays due to certain restrictions by local or national government directives. In the unlikely event that a delivery is not received by the customer, you are requested to write to and we will reply within 12 hours.

We offer a 06 months warranty (from date of delivery) on all Slursh products. The detailed Warranty information is available here

  • At the time of delivery, please ensure the package is in proper condition and free of any external damage and the seal is intact. If you feel that the package is tampered or damaged, please do not accept the package and write an email to
  • Do Capture an unboxing video of the product. This is in your best interest. This video can be used in case you face any issues with your Slursh blender in the future.
  • The Slursh Blender would have bare minimum charge by the time it reaches the customer’s doorstep. Do ensure to charge your Slursh Blender by attaching the motor section using the USB cable provided or standard USB Phone charger.
  • While the Motor section is charging, please deep-clean the jar and lid using the following method:
    1. Clean the Jar and the Lid directly under running water. Ensure the motor section is kept away from any water source. You can clean the blades carefully using a damp cloth/tissue. Ensure no residue of the soap or water remains either on the blades, jar and the lid.

You can go through the Return policy here

Detailed reviews about the product is available on the “Happy Customer” section

You can contact us at, we will revert to you within 12 hours

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Refer to the Dos and Don'ts below which will assist you in making best use of your Slursh Blender


  • Do store your slursh blender in a dry place, preferably away from the reach of Children.
  • Do use good quality USB cable ( which is provided with your Slursh) or standard USB Chargers ( which come along-with your phones) to charge your Slursh Blender.
  • Do operate your Slursh only when the Jar is secured firmly to the motor section and the lid is tightly secured on the Jar
  • Do ensure that the USB cable is pushed all the way into the charging port till you feel a click. Avoid partial plugging of the cable to your Slursh.


  • Do not allow children to handle Slursh until they have had proper training under the supervision of the Adults. We want children to Slursh away, but only once they know how to Slursh.
  • Do not put Slursh into a dishwasher or under direct running water. Use the Basic and Deep Self Cleaning process (link to the section to be provided) to clean your Slursh.
  • Do not put Hot liquids inside slursh. This can cause damage to the Jar and the Motor.
  • Do not put excessively oily contents into Slursh. If you do, ensure you use the Deep Cleaning process to eliminate any oil residue on the jar, lid or the blades.
  • Do not insert your fingers inside SLursh when the lid is not on. The Blades can still slursh without the Lid.
  • Do not put any contents inside your Slursh which can cause building of air pressure ( like carbonated water, fruit salts, active yeast, or any content that can cause a chemical residue). This can cause damage to the jar, blades and the Motor section immediately or over a period of time.
  • Do not let the contents sit inside Slursh for a long-time. In case of edible contents, pls consume them directly from slursh, or empty the contents into another container if you want to consume it later. Prolonged residue of contents in the Jar can hamper your Slursh’s performance.
  • Do not Slursh when it is empty, idle slurshing can put pressure on the motor.
  • Do not place your Slursh on any hot/warm surface. Ensure the area around Slursh is dry and free of any dust/dirt particles.