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A Quick Breakfast Solution - A multifunctional sandwich maker

Are you done with boring breakfasts? The same warm milk and cornflakes with sugar are so dull to start the day. Spice up your breakfast routine with Slursh multi-functional sandwich maker. Don’t miss the fun of having something as interesting as scrumptious sandwiches and start your day a fresh. 

3 in 1 Sandwich makers are always a great choice. One can be very creative and experimental with different fillings and flavors for your sandwich. It explores the chef inside you. You can pick a filling that fits your mood, supplements your health, or fulfills your taste buds and experiment with it to prepare a tasty breakfast.

Slursh Sandwich maker is the best buy to overcome the problem of preparing a tasty breakfast in no time. The Sandwich machine from Slursh is multifunctional and can be used as a Sandwich toasterGrill sandwich maker, toasted machine, and much more.  A multifunctional superhero that makes anything  starting from sandwiches to waffles to sunny-side-up omelets to frying bacon. 

What makes Slursh Sandwich Waffle Maker better than other Electric Sandwich Makers?

‘Sleek and Stylish’ ‘Slursh Electric Sandwich Maker’ is the epitome of design and innovation. Apart from being an efficient performer, it looks glamorous also. It adds a class to your kitchen countertop. Other than that, the most beneficial feature associated with it which makes it different from others is that these are  3 in 1 Sandwich Makers.

  • Heat-Resistant Design
  • Food-Grade material
  • Non-stick detachable sandwich plates.
  • Dual-side heating for 360-cooking 
  • Temperature knob to regulate the heat.
  • Safe and easy to clean.
  • Wire folding feature and hanging functionality.


To understand which sandwich machine is right for you, you need to be very well aware of the Sandwich maker functioning.

If we go through its USP/Feature it has - 

    • Bigger and Deeper Bakeware - With bigger and deeper dual baking trays than usual toasters, it features 11x12 cm (Length x width) baking trays. It gives you the freedom of not only baking but cooking almost everything of your choice for breakfast.
  • Thicker heating tubes - Slursh Breakfast Maker features heating tubes of the highest order to provide a faster, even, and better baking experience. 
  • Unmatched quality material - The outer material of the Slursh Breakfast Maker is made up of Bakelite which has features of non-conductivity and heat resistance. Its inner part is made from stainless steel. It makes it easier to clean and maintain hygiene. It has some quality details are given below - 

  •   - Cable storage design.

    - Buckle set. 

    - Handlebar. 

    - 30-minute timing knob. 

  • Portable and Sleek - It is portable and very easy to carry. One can keep it in a bag and take it wherever one wants. Its magnificent design will add a modern touch to the kitchen.

  • Why me?

    Slursh multi-functional sandwich waffle maker has very out-of-the-box features. It is a best buy for people who run out of time but want to have a tasty and fulfilling breakfast. Preparing a tasty breakfast never looked this easy. Plus our Sandwich maker price is very affordable so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So stop thinking and grab yours!

    Available at just Rs.2999/-

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