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Ready to take your weight loss journey more seriously? Adding a portable blender for weight loss routine can help you achieve your weight loss goal faster.

It is never easy to drop extra pounds without warding off your unhealthy cravings. But, it’s vital not to deprive yourself and stay nourished when trying to lose weight for the long term. Missing meals can sabotage your weight loss efforts, put extra pressure on your metabolism, and drain your energy. People follow various weight loss tips to shed off their fats. Some do the best exercise to lose weight. Some choose intermittent fasting for weight loss. And many others begin consuming fat-burning foods, weight-loss supplements, and apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

But what should be the best way to lose weight? There are a lot of solutions. But, choosing the suitable one for your body can help you lose weight fast.

Weight loss smoothies can be the most preferred way. With the portable Slursh Bolt and Swirl portable blender, making a variety of smoothies is just easy and quick. Slursh Smoothies are a part of our simple meal plan to lose weight.  It includes weight loss drinks that you can prepare effortlessly with the portable blender, that are quick to prepare and easy to clean.

Resist cravings with Weight loss smoothies

Consuming weight-loss smoothies help you sustain your energy during the day. When you prepare smoothies with fruits and vegetables, they maintain natural fiber even after you blend them. If you wish to drop your extra pounds the smart way, replace your fat-loss diet with our Slursh Bolt smoothies.

Refreshing weight loss smoothie recipe

Take your Swirl portable blender, and put one chopped cucumber, kiwi, and green apple into it.  Add one cup of coconut water, half a teaspoonful of lemon juice, a few meant leaves and chia seeds in the blender. Now, blend all the ingredients in perfect consistency.

Aromatic smoothie

The smoothie is the quickest way to lose weight. It can be easily prepared using Swirl portable blender. Put one chopped apple, half frozen banana, three walnut halves, and one tablespoonful of oats. Add one cup of low-fat milk or almond, a pinch of cardamom powder, and one teaspoonful of chai masala. Blend all these ingredients in the portable blender till smooth and enjoy the smoothie.

Easy to Make Healthy Smoothies with Swirl Portable Blender

Swirl is a powerful and high-speed personal blender that has stainless extra sharp extraction blades and a powerful motor. It features sharp stainless steel blades, long life, and quick speed. All these features can help you get a cup of nutritious smoothies in only 40 seconds.

  • Not only this, the portable blender comes equipped with silent blade technology that offers a silent solution to all weight loss juices and weight loss foods.
  • Its design is sleek & slim, and it is made with BPA-free plastic material that makes it extremely durable.

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Weight loss drinks

When it comes to weight loss drinks to lose belly fat or quicken your weight loss journey,  there are many that you can prepare using a portable blender like Slursh Bolt. We are sharing a few dips and sauces, and low-calorie sauces that you can easily prepare at home with the portable blender.

Soup Recipes with Slursh Bolt

Use your Slursh Bolt blender to make low-calorie soup. You can steam a few cups of your vegetables and put them into your blender jar. Now, add a small amount of vegetable or low-sodium chicken stock. Press the start button of your portable blender and allow it to blend for a few cycles to get the consistency smooth enough. Season your soup with dried or fresh herbs and enjoy it. Available at just Rs1599/-

Dip and Sauce Recipes with Slursh Bolt

Making a delicious dip and sauce recipe with your blender is straightforward. Just take a can of chickpeas, lemon juice, a few tablespoons of chicken stock, and olive oil. Blend them all until you get a creamy consistency. If you want more consistency and then more liquid.

Easy to Make Weight Loss Drinks with Slursh Bolt

Slursh Bolt features an in-built 2000mAh battery with 3 hours of charging capacity. It is USB rechargeable which allows the users to charge it once and get up to 15 plus blends. 

  • It means you can get the desired consistency in your delicious soup and dip and soup recipes without worrying about its charging and blending capacity.
  • It is portable which makes it your perfect partner on the go. Whether you are in the gym or on any short trip, enjoy your soups and weight-loss drinks without thinking much.

Final Thoughts

When you use portable blenders like Slursh Bolt and Swirl portable blender, you enjoy several benefits. Using the appliances saves both clean-up time and preparation time. In addition, these tools allow you to use whole vegetables and fruits which increases the fiber content of your meal and helps you feel full.

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