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How to Use Bolt Blender Easy Steps ?

We live in a fast-paced and busy world. Many of us are always on the go. Getting time for a healthy diet often becomes difficult. But, a smoothie maker can come to your rescue and help you to make various delicious smoothies. Portable blenders are powerful tools that can take care of your diet and meal preparation needs. These kitchen appliances come in handy. Thanks to their compact size and portable design, you can carry a smoothie maker wherever you go.

Not only for making smoothies but also portable blenders are used for many kitchen tasks. Such home appliance blenders can be considered great kitchen appliances. A smoothie maker can blend nuts, fruits, ice, and vegetables to a perfect consistency. So, you get delicious smoothies packed with nutrients. When it comes to powerful and multipurpose home appliances blender, Slursh Bolt is a cool gadget for smoothies. You can add more veggies and fruits to your diet, especially the ones considered superfoods.


If you are exercising regularly at home or the gym and are a fitness freak, you can use a smoothie maker for your post-workout smoothies and protein shakes. But, before you prepare your favorite fruit juices, smoothies, or protein shakes from these kitchen appliances, you should know how to use them properly. When it comes to using kitchen appliances like Slursh Bolt, it is straightforward. To start Slursh Bolt, you only need to attach the lid to its bottom. After that, tighten the lid until the red light disappears. At last, press the power button for 3 seconds until the white light appears. Your juicer maker is all set to give you an amazing juicing experience.


Here's How you can use Slursh Bolt home appliances blender in your kitchen or anywhere else.

Throw-in your ingredients

First, make sure your Slursh Bolt 350ML home appliances blender is completely charged. So it can mix the ingredients properly. To make your favorite juice, shake, or smoothie, put your desired and required ingredients in the juice maker. You can add a mixture of your favorite fruits and veggies to the portable blender. Moreover, you can add anything from water to almond milk, and you can even throw in some crushed ice or whole ice cubes if you don’t have any frozen vegetables or fruits.

Flip Slursh Bolt Upside Down

After adding your favorite ingredients to the hand blender, you need to hold Slursh Bolt upside down and press the power button to create delicious shakes, smoothies, and more. The juice maker comes with SUS304 stainless steel blades that blend your smoothies and shakes to a desired level giving you a nice consistency. On top of that, Slursh Bolt lets you drink juices, shakes, and smoothies directly from the hand blender. You need to flip the blender’s cap and start sipping.

Blender Price Rs. 1999

Relish Luscious Creations

You can use Slursh Bolt 350ML to make various things like smoothies, margaritas, protein shakes, and even face packs. In addition, it can be used to make magic potions to take care of your skin. So, get the magical hand blender and make whatever you want whether it is protein pancakes, cocktails, salad dressings, coffee drinks, and much more.

Blender Price Rs.1999

It’s Time to Clean It

Once you have prepared your favorite smoothies and juices, cleaning the juice maker is also important. Cleaning Slursh Bolt is extremely easy. You only need to detach its base from the bottle and rinse the blades. You can add a drop of liquid soap and a bit of water and after allowing it to blend to clean, you can leave it to dry. Using the portable blender is safe for everyone, whether it is your kids or any other family member.    




Eating healthy when you are on the move can be challenging. But a portable blender like Slursh Bolt 350ML makes it easy. Bring your hand blender and enjoy your favorite smoothies, coffee drinks, and juices. Keep yourself healthy with the protein shakes you can prepare with the Slursh Bolt in a few minutes. So, get the portable blender and take a step to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.

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