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Timer Motivational Water Bottle - An Innovative Idea!

The saying is true ‘Jal hi Jivan hai’. One should drink an enormous amount of water to keep themselves hydrated and disease free. It is only a matter of developing a habit of drinking plenty of water to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated is a daily necessity, nobody should ignore this intake of dihydrogen monoxide. Motivational Water Bottles are the new solution for this. Its use is rapidly growing and catching popularity.

What’s unique about Slursh Timer Motivational bottle

Slursh has something which makes this habit of staying hydrated effortless and fun. The Timer Motivational Water Bottle comes with sleek designs, motivational quotes, and friendly reminders to drink water. The 32oz bottle will meet your daily needs while making you stand out with its classy style. Slursh Motivational Bottle provides the time marker up that works as the best time management tool. 

This Water Intake Tracker is an innovative step towards achieving small hydration goals. It works as the best hydration product. It is multipurpose in that one can use it as Fitness Tracker Accessory, Portable Drinkware, Time management tool, and much more at the same time.

These bottles are made up of luxury quality. In short, they are  BPA-free water bottles that will keep you miles away from potential risks. The Tritan plastic used in these bottles are toxin-free and odorless. You can use it without worrying about any sort of health issues.  Simply refill and reuse it anytime you like, it is an eco-friendly product.


What makes it different from a normal water bottle?

  • Its functional design.
  • Motivational and timer marker.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Spillproof sipping.
  • 100% shatterproof.
  • The BPA-free bottle.
  • Freezer safe
  • Leakproof
  • Eco-friendly bottle.
  • Removable filter.

If we go through its features/USP it has -

  • Flexibility - It has been designed so well that it can fit into your backpack's side pockets.
  • Top Quality - BPA-free, Tritan-free, reusable water bottle.
  • Convenient Time - Marker - It has an inbuilt time reminder which is perfect and accurate to track your water intake and keep your body hydrated no matter where you are.
  • One - Click open - Easily open it with just one click.
  • Modern, Stylish, and Elegant - It has an elegant and sleek design that is easy to match with any outfit and adds a modern touch to your everyday style and healthy lifestyle.
  • Multipurpose and Versatile - Whether during workouts, at the office, at school, while traveling, on vacation, or simply at home, this daily timed 32 oz water bottle is lightweight and portable, Fits nicely in your bag pack and gym bag.

 Conclusion - 

The Slursh Timer Motivational Bottle is made up of superior quality and highly durable materials. It is super handy and perfectly fits multi-purpose uses. It’s a practical and effective way of making sure that the body stays properly hydrated throughout the day. It keeps the water intake at optimum levels and also protects the environment.

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