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Berry Explosion (Breakfast)

A powerhouse smoothie loaded with calcium and Vitamin-C; our ‘Berry Explosion’ is a lip-smacking breakfast smoothie recipe to pep you up for the day.


      • Blackberries (3 blackberries)
      • Strawberries (3 1/2)
      • Raspberries (3 1/2)
      • Blueberries (8 blueberries)
      • Pomegranate Arils (2/3 cup arils)
      • Watermelon (1 cup cubed)
      • Fresh Mint (4 mint leaves chopped mint)

    Put all the berries and pomegranate arils in the Slursh. Press the power button for 1 cycle. Open the lid and add watermelon. Slursh it for a few seconds and your ‘Berry Explosion’ is ready to entice your Breakfast.