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Homemade Salsa (Recipe)

The best salsa is made with fresh tomatoes. Why not make homemade Salsa in just seconds from scratch with fresh produce.


      • Fresh Roma tomatoes – (nice and red ones, avoid soft ones) Canned tomatoes
      • Fresh coriander
      • Jalapeno – (1/4 cup chopped bell pepper)
      • Red onion
      • Garlic – (Only use fresh garlic pods)
      • Lime – (1/2 lime)
      • Chili powder and cumin
      • Sugar
      • Salt and pepper to taste

    Roughly chop the vegetables, and add all the ingredients including spices and lime juice to your Slursh jar. Cover the lid and slursh for a few seconds. Repeat the process if needed. Your homemade fresh Salsa is ready. Enjoy it with nachos and binge-watch your favorite show.