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Punjabi Lassi (Perfect alongside Lunch)

Punjabi Lassi is a pure “Desi Delight” loved by every Indian family. This sweet or salted Indian Yoghurt Drink is mostly served alongside lunch. This awesome Punjabi lassi fills your tummy with good taste & makes your afternoon perfect.


      • 400 gms of curd
      • 7 to 8 tbsp sugar
      • ½ tsp cardamom powder (Optional)
      • Ice cubes
      • Saffron
      • Dry fruits (Almonds)

    Put the Curd, Sugar, cardamom powder, and ice cubes inside your stylish Slursh jar, and blend it for a few seconds. Pour the Lassi into a glass and garnish it with Saffron & grated almonds. Your scrumptious ice-chilled Punjabi Lassi is ready to serve and complement your lunch.