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Sparkling Nonalcoholic Cranberry Punch (Recipe)

A mixture of pink lemonade and cranberry juice, the punch can be enhanced, such as by adding chopped fruits for flavor and looks. Though it can serve up to 25 in 4-ounce servings, you can easily adapt it for a larger or smaller group. And if you don't want to wait for a party, store the mixed juice base in the refrigerator and add sparkling water to it whenever you like, as this makes a fabulous everyday beverage. Don't add the sparkling water yet because the bubbles will go flat and the punch will lose its spark.


      • 2 quarts chilled cranberry juice
      • 1 (6-ounce) can freeze pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
      • 1 liter chilled sparkling water
      • Citrus and seasonal fruits (e.g., orange and lemon slices, firm berries), for optional garnish

    Plan on at least an 8-ounce cup of punch per each adult, and a 5- ounce serving per kid. Consider how long the party or event will last, and how many other beverages will be available. If this is your main beverage, plan on at least two servings per person.