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Tornado 500ML By Vitamer

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Tornado 500ML By Vitamer

MRP ₹3,999.00 ₹2,999.00 (You Save: 25%)
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  • • BPA Free
  • • 1 charge = 20-30 cups
  • • Portable Blender
  • • Type-C Dustproof
  • • Detachable, 75W
  • • 18000 RPM
  • • Strong resistance
  • • Auto clean
  • • Tritan Material
  • • Safety Lock, Anti Skid Underlay, SUS304 Stainless Steel Blades
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Hello! to Tornado

Toss your Ingredients in

Mix & match ingredients to make your perfect drink of the day! From cracking tough nuts to crushing ice, it slurshes anything that comes in its way.

Flip Tornado upside down

If you want your drink to be ultra-smooth, hold your Tornado upside down and press the power button to create that extraordinary blend.

Enjoy Delicious Creations

From whipping any recipe with precision and style to crushing any stubborn ingredient, Tornado does it all. Check our social handles for recipes we curate for you.

Easy to wash & Recharge

Detach the base from the bottle & rinse the blades. Stand to dry and plug the base in to recharge.

Being in the fitness industry for almost 10 years now and I have seen a plethora of products coming every now and then. But Slursh surprised me like nothing before. A portable blender so smart and effective, that my fitness regime is incomplete without it. It blends protein shakes and smoothies in seconds. I carry it in my gym bag no matter wherever go. I also recommend Slursh to all my students. Slursh is not a product but a lifestyle. Thank you Slursh for making my life a little less complicated!

-Raj Verma (Fitness Trainer)
  • Product name:

    Tornado Ice crusher

  • Model Number:


  • Application:

    Outdoor, Household

  • Power Source:


  • Type:

    Single Gear (Masticating) Portable Juicer

  • Glass Material:

    Tritan, BPA free Food Grade

  • Blade Material:

    SUS304 Stainless Steel

  • Blade type:

    Hawkbill Shape

  • Body Material:

    ABS Plastic

  • Certification:

    EMC, RoHS

  • Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches):


  • Rating (Rpm):


  • Power (W):


  • Voltage (V):


  • Battery capacity:


  • Charging time:

    3 Hours

  • Package:

    Color Box

  • Weight:


  • Function:

    Quiet Motor, Self-Cleaning,
    USB Rechargeable, Low Noise

Discover the most important things you need to know about the Slursh Tornado 500 ML USB Portable Blender.

Following is a list of what you get when you order your Slursh Tornado 500 ML USB Portable Blender.

  • A plastic jar with grooves
  • Plastic top lid with a rubber hanging loop
  • Motor and Power section containing
    1. 2 stainless-steel blades
    2. LED power switch
    3. USB-C type charging socket
  • C-type Charging Chord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Slursh personalized stickers

Slursh 500 ML USB Portable Blender works on a 4000 MAH in-built battery, which needs to be charged. Hence wired power connection is not required to operate the same

Do note that power adapter is not part of the standard Slursh-Tornado 500 ML USB Portable Blender accessories, however you can use standard USB charger which comes with your phone, or high-quality USB-C cable which is provided with your Slursh-Tornado Blender.

Slursh-Tornado Blender charges in 2-3 hours to charge fully. White LED light indicates that it is fully charged. Red LED light will blink when it is discharged.

Slursh-Tornado Blender is fully charged, it is ready to Slursh your favorite smoothies, juices and much more. You need to press and hold the power button; the White LED will blink 3 times and slurshing will begin. To stop, you need to press and release the power button again to stop.

Slursh-Tornado Blender is self-cleaning. Do ensure you clean Slursh-Tornado Blender after every spin to prevent any residue from drying and sticking to the blades or the edges of the jar. You can clean your slursh in two ways:

  • Basic Self-cleaning: After you have slurshed, empty your slursh jar of the contents. Add normal or luke-warm (not hot) water and liquid soap upto 2/3 full and slursh it again. Repeat the process till the water comes out clear.
  • Deep Cleaning: Empty your Slursh and repeat the Basic-self-cleaning process. Now dismantle your Slursh completely. You can now clean the Jar and the Lid directly under running water. Ensure the motor section is kept away from any water source. You can clean the blades carefully using a damp cloth/tissue. Ensure no residue of the soap or water remains either on the blades, jar, and the lid.


  • The Base of the Slursh Blender is not water-proof. Avoid exposing the motor under direct running water.
  • Don’t insert your fingers inside the jar when the same is attached to the motor section.
  • Always touch the blades when the jar is dismantled from the motor section.
  • When teaching your children how to Slursh, please supervise them and educate them on how to Slursh.

Strong Battery Life

With built-in 4000mAh battery and charging capacity of 3 hours you can make up to 30 cups of juices, milkshakes, and margaritas and that too nonstop. Furthermore, you can also use the USB cable to supply power and continue to slurshing more drinks if required.



Stash in your bag and carry it to the ends of the earth! The maximum capacity of Tornado is 500ml, weighs 536 grams and has the volume of 9.96 x 3.11 inches. Lightweight and portable, it can be used right from hiking, gym, picnics, travel to your work desk and classroom.


BPA-Free Tritan Material

Made with an environmentally friendly BPA-free (baby food grade material) and robust Tritan material, it is light in weight, neutral in taste, heat-resistant, non-toxic, food safe, scratch resistant, dishwasher safe up to 80°C and extremely durable. Totally break resistant, it is suitable for being your perfect gym and outdoor partner.


Easy Clean

Say goodbye to that dreadful bulky blender cleaning process! Just add a drop of liquid soap, a bit of water, and blend to clean. You can also detach the cup and the body for thorough cleaning.


Safety Proof

Featuring a built-in cutter head and equipped with safety settings, it is designed to avoid direct contact with the human body, is safe for kids and prevents finger injuries. Once you detach the machine from the cup or if the components are not assembled correctly, the device won’t start.



Recharge once and you are good to go up to 15+ blends. It features a water-resistant USB-C charging port and a reversible cable.


Hawkbill stainless-steel blades

Featuring 2 Stainless-steel Hawkbill saw blades that are known for its versatility. Stainless steel blades are not only hygienic but also increase the durability of the product.


Detachable, Spill-proof & Easy to Store

Slursh your drink, detach it from the bottom base blender and carry it anywhere or store it on your refrigerator. Featuring a safety lock, it is completely spill-proof.


Big Performance, Less Noise

Featuring a built-in technology, Slursh can be your silent partner. It makes very less noise as compared to other blenders.


Stylish & Versatile

Tornado can be your perfect versatile travel partner. Carry it to the gym and whip your protein shakes in minutes, take it to work, and never skip your breakfast again or make baby food in a jiffy. Sleek & stylish, it will make other people go green with envy.


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